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2nd Degree Distance Learning Course

2nd Degree manual
We are excited to offer Re Hu Tek™ 2nd level in a distance learning course. With today's computer based technology available to us at a reasonable cost, we saw a way to reach people all over the world who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience this great energy.

 Since the Re Hu Tek energies are NOT limited by distance, we knew we could pass the initiations at a distance, we just had to create instruction materials to allow people to receive what we teach in our in-person training. With that in mind, we wrote the 2nd edition of the Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree manual. In addition, we developed informative and instructional videos to to accompany the new manual. After over year of work we have completed the Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree Distant Learning Course.

Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree, through the 2nd level attunement process, prepares  your body to channel an increased flow of the Re Hu Tek energies. It gives you an in depth understanding of subtle anatomy and the subtle realms surrounding and interpenetrating us.

As a 2nd Degree Re Hu Tek Practitioner, you go beyond what you learned in Re Hu Tek 1st Degree with greater and more precise and techniques for helping others with Re Hu Tek. You will learn new techniques for protecting the integrity of your own energy while working inside another’s energy field. You will learn to do full table sessions, chair sessions, and distant healing sessions.

Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree manual physical version This is a complete training in Re Hu Tek level 2 and includes a 132-page manual, 37 videos that accompany the manual's techniques. There is a special audio file to assist in the experience of the Re Hu Tek attunement that promotes an experience of  "being there" for the initiation. While technically not needed to "pass" the attunement, we found that it greatly enhances the attunement experience.

You must answer and return the 2nd Degree assignments as well as have already returned the 1st Degree assignment in order to receive your Certification of Completion. However, It is not necessary to complete the assignment in order to take the next level, you will just not receive certification.

Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree Manual Table of Contents (PDF)

Here is a low resolution sample video from the Re Hu Tek 1st Degree training. The actual videos you receive are much higher quality.


We offer several versions of the Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree Distanct Learning course materials with the 2nd level distance attunement.

  1. Physical version is for purchase within the US only. It includes physical verion of manual, DVD and several computer formats and sizes of the videos. US $175 
  2. A download verison with Quicktime h264 videos. (Requires Apple Quicktime 7 or greater. There is a Mac and PC version of Quicktime available at Apple.com) US $150
  3. A download version with Windows Media videos. (Works on PCs with Windows Media Player.) US $150

You can order the Re Hu Tek™ 2nd Degree correspondence course at our store site, metastudies.com.


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