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Re Hu Tek™ 2nd Degree Training

RHT table work
Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree, through the 2nd level attunement process, prepares  your body to channel an increased flow of the Re Hu Tek energies. It gives you an understanding of our subtle anatomy and the subtle realms which we inhabit. You build on what you learned in Re Hu Tek 1st Degree, with more techniques designed for working on others.You will learn new techniques for protecting the integrity of your own energy while working inside another’s energy field. You will learn to do full table sessions, chair sessions, and distant healing sessions.

Pre-requisite: Re Hu Tek 1st Degree

In this training you will:

  •     Be attuned to Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree level for increased energy flow ability.
  •     Explore the differences between Eastern and Western medicine and energy healing
  •     Learn about the complex nature of dis-ease and how Re Hu Tek Energy can bring balance.
  •     Explore subtle anatomy and the subtle realms and how to use Re Hu Tek in those fields.
  •     Learn to detect imbalances in the human energy field and bring them back into balance.
  •     Practice techniques using Re Hu Tek to clear and balance the recipient's energy body
  •     Practice, step by step, giving full Re Hu Tek table and chair sessions.
  •     Learn to perform a Re Hu Tek temporary hand attunement that will last several days
  •     Learn easy ways to use Re Hu Tek on animals and plants to heal, balance, and enhance their lives.
  •     Practice using Re Hu Tek in a group for a wider application of the Re Hu Tek energies.
  •     Plus so much more.

Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree Manual includes:


An illustrated and detailed, 132 page manual in printed and/or PDF versions.


Thirty seven (90 minutes) supplementary instructional and informational videos. 


For a preview of what 2nd Degree Re Hu Tek offers you, download the table of contents




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