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1st Degree In-Person Training

Experience the Re Hu Tek 1st Degree training in person with a Re Hu Tek Master Teacher. The training includes the Re Hu Tek 1st level attunement, one day of instruction including an audio/visual slide show and lectures, as well as lots of experiential exercises and techniques. You receive the 160+ page manual and all the video and audio media to assist in your further practice of the exercies and techniques of Re Hu Tek 1st Degree.

Re Hu Tek Training


What others are saying about the live Re Hu Tek 1st Degree attunement/training.

After the First Degree attunment my intuition was awakened. I felt in harmony with nature. I've a deeper understanding of my life's purpose than ever before."

Charles A, London, England.

Immediately following my Re Hu Tek Attunment/Training I experienced and continue to experience a profound personal growth and deepening of the way I am able to process my life issues.

If you are serious about personal growth and transformation and healing work I highly recommend Re Hu Tek."

– JoyDawn, Reiki Master, 2nd Degree RHT Practitioner, Riverside, CA

"Re Hu Tek is amazing! I didn't expect the depth of the experience I had. There is a definite difference in the way I think and feel. This goes way beyond Reiki and other energy techniques. Thank you."

– David L., NLP Trainer/Consultant, Reiki Master, 2nd Degree RHT Practitioner, Claremont, CA

Cost of the one day training is $275

Retaking the live training is $99

Taking the live training after taking the home study course is $99

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