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Re Hu Tek™ 1st Degree Training

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Re Hu Tek™ 1st Degree training is the foundation for the other Re Hu Tek levels. It brings key concepts, exercises, and techniques that are important to understand and experience before you move to the next level. While you may not choose to use every technique in the training, we ask that you try them. As you become more comfortable with the techniques, you will develop your own style and way of working with them.

Re Hu Tek is more than just another energy healing modality. It brings you effective transformational tools for self development and growth. Re Hu Tek 1st degree is primarily for helping you to “know thyself” while also offering specific techniques in using the Re Hu Tek energies for others. However, to reach the place where you can be of the greatest help to others, it is best to discover your own true nature.

* Learn about RHT and its history.
* Be attuned to the RHT First Degree.
* Learn techniques and skills to use RHT as a self-empowerment tool for healing, expanding awareness, balancing body/mind/spirit.
* Use RHT with various types of meditation.
* Learn about various sound techniques, e.g. Mantras, toning, and more.
* Receive and practice protection and clearing techniques.
* Learn manifesting techniques.
* Discover how to use RHT to Connect with higher consciousness.
* Receive techniques for self healing and working on others.
* And more.

RHT 1st Degree manual
You will receive support materials to assist you in the ongoing use of Re Hu Tek as an effective self-empowerment tool. At successful completion of this degree, you will receive a certificate of initiation into Re Hu Tek 1st Degree. You also get access to the Re Hu Tek 1st Degree Practitioner's area of this website. It contains any new material that is available and other services for practitioners only.

Re Hu Tek 1st Degree Manual Table of Contents (PDF)


The Re Hu Tek 1st Degree attunement/training can be taken in several ways:

In person attunement and 1 day training. $275

In person attunement with correspondence course. $175

Distance Attunement and correspondence course. $150 Download, $175 Physical

You can order the corresponspondence course here.



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