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Welcome to the Re Hu Tek website. It has been a long road to bring Re Hu Tek to you from the distant, ancient past. The journey has been both joyous and challenging and we have loved every minute of it. Re Hu Tek is, plainly put, a way to gather the spiritually empowering energy from the center of the galaxy and the physical vitality energy from the earth’s core and use our bodies as channels to empower us and others.

The way to do this has been revealed to us over many years through many sources, both scientifically based, and metaphysically based. Those who have experienced it and been “attuned” to it attest to it’s unique, clean, deep, and empowering nature.

Re Hu Tek goes a step beyond anything we have yet encountered, and we believe it has been re-introduced into the world at just the right time—when the the earth and her inhabitants need it to help reverse the seemingly destructive road we find ourselves sliding into.

We believe, as many spiritual leaders both ancient and contemporary have taught,  that life should and can be healthy, happy, and joyous. Re Hu Tek is one part of achieving that goal.

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