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Dancing to the Edge of the Universe by Allen Burns CD


A New Age Ambient CD by Allen Burns - Released December 2009

Be transported with the music—soft and lively, strong, powerful, and soothing, each track moves you and enfolds you in sound of beauty and transformation.

This music goes straight to the very molecules of your being. It is infused with the ancient Egyptian transformational, healing energy, Re Hu Tek,™  which connects us to the core of the Earth and the center of our galaxy. Be in deep peace with Om Shanti,  total, complete, joy. Angels Embrace Me brings you to angels for peace, healing, transformation, comfort, and love.

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AUM CD by Allen Burns


OM - AUM CD by Allen Burns—
Experience 35 minutes of continuous stream, bi-directional OM, the most ancient and primordial cosmic sound. Allen Burns performs the Om using the interval of a fifth, believed to be the source of universal harmony and the note E flat—associated with the heart chakra. The Tibetan Bell & Bowl enhance these special sounds. To bring the energy of these sounds to their ultimate peak, Allen empowered them with ancient Egyptian Re Hu Tek™ energy .
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Also available as a MP3 download.

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Chakras Gone Wild CD

Chakra Balancing CD

A powerful chakra clearing and balancing CD using vocal sounds with Re Hu Tek by Allen Burns. 


The Chakras, from the Sanskrit word for wheels, are centers in the non-physical body for the processing of subtle energies. They are connected with the nerve plexi and endocrine glands in the body, which are major contributors to our health and emotional well being.
There are various traditions that associate certain sounds with the seven major chakras. This CD is based on that knowledge. Using the power of the voice, which can send intent, certain vocal sounds and harmonic toning, and the powerful transformational energy Re Hu Tek,™ the CD gives a sonic “massage” to the chakras and the body/mind. Using his voice and modern mixing techniques Allen has created a unique CD that is not your typical chakra music CD, but has a tangible energy and aliveness to it.

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