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Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree Distance Learning Course - Quicktime Version

Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree QT version

Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree Course Quicktime Download Version Re Hu Tek™ - 2nd Degree Attunement and Distance Learning Course - Quicktime Version
Pre-requiste: Re Hu Tek 1st Degree.
You must have broadband in order to download this 637MB file containing the course materials.  This version has videos in Quicktime h264 high quality format for Apple Macs or Windows PCs. Requires Quicktime 7 or later installed on your system.  If you would rather have a Windows Media version for Windows go here. If you are in the USA you can purchase a physical version here. Order Now

Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree, through the 2nd level attunement process, increases the amount of the Re Hu Tek energies you can channel through your body. It gives you an understanding of our subtle anatomy and the subtle realms which we inhabit. You build on what you learned in Re Hu Tek 1st Degree; with more techniques designed for working on others; how to protect yourself while working in someone's energy field; and how to put it all together in Re Hu Tek table sessions, short chair sessions and distant healing sessions.

  • Be attuned to Re Hu Tek 2nd Degree level.
  • Learn the difference between Eastern and Western medicine and energy healing.
  • Learn about the complex nature of dis-ease.
  • Learn about our subtle anatomy and the subtle realms.
  • Learn to detect imbalances in the human energy field.
  • Receive instruction on how to clear and balance the aura and chakras.
  • Learn a step by step way to do Re Hu Tek table and chair sessions.
  • Learn easy ways to use Re Hu Tek on animals and plants.
  • Learn ways to use Re Hu Tek in a group
  • And more.

Re Hu Tek 1st Degree Manual

You receive a 132 page PDF manual. (Requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe.com) 37 supplementary videos in Quicktime format are provided for use on your computer.  You can download the table of contents here

The cost of this version attunement and course is US $150. You can order it at our store site here.

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