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Re Hu Tek 1st Degree Distance Learning Course - Quicktime Version

Re Hu Tek 1st Degree  home study course Quicktime version

Re Hu Tek™ - First Degree Attunement and Distance Learning Course Quicktime version. Order Here
You must have broadband in order to download this 486MB file containing the course materials. If you have problems downloading this file we will send you optional links to multiple smaller files.
This version uses Quicktime for Macintosh or Windows for the video format. You must have Apple Quicktime 7 or higher on your computer to watch the videos. If you would rather have a Windows Media version go here. If you are in the USA you can purchase a physical version of the course here.

  •   Learn about Re Hu Tek and its history.
  •   Be attuned to the Re Hu Tek 1st level initiation through a distance attunement process.
  •   Learn techniques and skills to use Re Hu Tek as a self-empowerment tool.
  •   Use Re Hu Tek with various types of meditation.
  •   Learn about various sound techniques, e.g. mantras, toning, and more.
  •   Receive and practice protection and clearing techniques.
  •   Learn manifesting techniques.
  •   Discover how to use Re Hu Tek to connect with higher consciousness.
  •   Receive techniques for self healing and working on others.
  •   And more.

You receive a 160+ page PDF manual with 44 supplementary videos in Quicktime MP4 (h264) high quality format and 52 audio files in 192kbit MP3 format. You can download the table of contents here

The cost of this Attunement training is US $150. You can order it here.

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