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Re Hu Tek 1st Degree Distance Learning Course - Physical Version

Re Hu Tek 1st degree Home study course physical version



Re Hu Tek™ - First Degree Attunement and Distance Learning Course—physical version. Learn Re Hu Tek in the comfort of your home with this Home Study Course.

Physical version only available in the US Order Now
If you are not in the US, or you would like the convenience of an electronic version for Quicktime go here or for Windows Media go here.

  • Learn about Re Hu Tek and its history.
  • Be attuned to the Re Hu Tek 1st level initiation through a distance attunement process.
  • Learn techniques and skills to use Re Hu Tek as a self-empowerment tool.
  • Use Re Hu Tek with various types of meditation.
  • Learn about various sound techniques, e.g. mantras, toning, and more.
  • Receive and practice protection and clearing techniques.
  • Learn manifesting techniques.
  • Discover how to use Re Hu Tek to connect with higher conscousness.
  • Receive techniques for self healing and working on others.
  • And more.

Re Hu Tek 1st Degree Manual


You receive a 160+ page printed manual in a binder. There is a DVD (NTSC - for playing in a DVD player) with 44 supplementary videos. There are 4 audio CDs and 2 CDroms with electronic versions of the audio tracks in MP3 format and videos in Quicktime .mp4 and Windows Media format. There are also some supplementary graphic and text files which you can print out for your personal use. You can download the table of contents here. For more information about Re Hu Tek please visit the rehutek.com website.

Cost of this course is US $175

You can order this at our store site here.

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