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Dancing to the Edge of the Universe by Allen Burns CD


A New Age Ambient CD by Allen Burns - Released December 2009

Be transported with the music—soft and lively, strong, powerful, and soothing, each track moves you and enfolds you in sound of beauty and transformation.

This music goes straight to the very molecules of your being. It is infused with the ancient Egyptian transformational, healing energy, Re Hu Tek,™  which connects us to the core of the Earth and the center of our galaxy. Be in deep peace with Om Shanti,  total, complete, joy. Angels Embrace Me brings you to angels for peace, healing, transformation, comfort, and love.

Heart of the Ocean takes you to the depths of the oceans to play with whales, dolphins, and the magical beings of the deep. In Dreams of Shangrila, relax into timeless beauty, and infinite wisdom. Journey to the core of your being with Climbing Mount Meru. 

Walkabout in Dreamtime transports you to the magical land of Australian Aboriginals, beyond time, beyond the five sensory world. The Visitors take you on a journey of discovery. Receive blessings from the great mother in Gaia’s Dream. Healing Heart opens your heart center to love, healing, and comfort—love ascended. Angel Lullaby transports you to angels for love, comfort, peace, and healing. Relax, let the music fill your soul.

These tracks use a "silent Re Hu Tek ambience" track to infuse the music with Re Hu Tek when mixed down. All tracks composed and produced by Allen Burns.

You can order the CD here $16.95, or the MP3 here $10.00.

Click on a title below to hear a short sample.

1.  Om Shanti 5:51
2.  Angels Embrace Me 5:38
3.  Heart of the Ocean 9:12
4.  Dreams of Shangrila 7:16
5.  Climbing Mount Meru 8:02
6.  Walkabout in Dreamtime 10:02
7.  The Visitors 6:13
8.  Gaia’s Dream 8:12
9.  Healing Heart 3:40
10. Angel Lullaby 3:44

Total run time 67:08.

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