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Chakras Gone Wild CD

Chakras Gone Wild CD

A powerful chakra clearing and balancing CD using vocal sounds with Re Hu Tek by Allen Burns. 


The Chakras, from the Sanskrit word for wheels, are centers in the non-physical body for the processing of subtle energies. They are connected with the nerve plexi and endocrine glands in the body, which are major contributors to our health and emotional well being.
There are various traditions that associate certain sounds with the seven major chakras. This CD is based on that knowledge. Using the power of the voice, which can send intent, certain vocal sounds and harmonic toning, and the powerful transformational energy Re Hu Tek,™ the CD gives a sonic “massage” to the chakras and the body/mind. Using his voice and modern mixing techniques Allen has created a unique CD that is not your typical chakra music CD, but has a tangible energy and aliveness to it.

Like the shaman, Allen sought to bring the higher intuitive mind into play when creating this work. He combined ancient knowledge and modern technology to create a unique “tool” that can be used on a regular basis. This is a CD that can help take us out of our everyday mind and connect with our higher mind and true Self, from where inspiration and Higher Self communication come.

1 - Root Chakra (5:28) sample
2 - Sacral Chakra (6:34) sample
3 - Solar Plexis Chakra (5:00) sample
4 - Heart Chakra (5:16) sample
5 - Throat Chakra (5:18) sample
6 - Third Eye Chakra (5:13) sample
7 - Crown Chakra (6:01) samples

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"A unique blend of exhilarating energy that invites the soul on an inward journey leading to  deep relaxation, balance and healing. The vibrations rejuvenate the body at the cellular level and resonates with every fiber. Allen's CD allows the mind to travel; revitalizing the subtle energy centers while bringing one back towards its natural joyful state. A masterpiece~ I am filled with gratitude for this soulful expression."
Tonya G., Menifee, CA

"I listened to the Chakra CD for the first time and was immediately immersed in the energy and compelling sounds flowing throughout each of the toning tracks.  I felt waves of sound and energy coursing through my body and with them the flow of healing progressed all the way from base to crown chakras.  It was very powerful and calming all at once; a feeling of sacred peace and being centered remained with me throughout the evening!"

Michelle S, Covina, CA

"I love playing the Chakra CD while healing myself and others. I find that it greatly enhances the flow of energy both given and received. Thanks so much!"

Nancy R., Redlands, CA

"I really like the Chakras Gone Wild CD. I have been interested in chakra tuning for a while and find this material very helpful. It is probably the best meditation tool I have ever encountered. Thank you!"

Elaine B., Sherman Oaks, CA

Read a review from Voice of the Angel.com Magazine - Winter Issue 2009


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