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AUM CD by Allen Burns


OM - AUM CD by Allen Burns—
Experience 35 minutes of continuous stream, bi-directional OM, the most ancient and primordial cosmic sound. Allen Burns performs the Om using the interval of a fifth, believed to be the source of universal harmony and the note E flat—associated with the heart chakra. The Tibetan Bell & Bowl enhance these special sounds. To bring the energy of these sounds to their ultimate peak, Allen empowered them with ancient Egyptian Re Hu Tek™ energy .
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Also available as a MP3 download.


"Thank you so much for the CD.  It is really wonderful.  It puts me in the zone in no time.  What a great tool.  I plan on listening to it as often as I can."

Kim Neal., Riverside, CA

"The OM CD is awesome. Not only are its effects powerful, they are amplified when I chant along with it!"
David Lintner, Claremont , CA

"I have dealt with intermittant bouts of diagnosed "low grade" depression for many years and was experiencing one such episode when I bought the CD. After three days (one listening session a day) the depression lifted. I have only had one bout since then - - almost two years. The AUM CD has been a blessing for me."
RS - Riverside

"I was wondering if it was important (for the attunement process) to let you know that [the] reason I bought the [Re Hu Tek] First Degree package is that I was listening to your AUM CD (which I bought from Amazon.com) and energy began pulsing through my hands. Thanks very much,"
SG - Arizona

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