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Re Hu Tek™ 1st Degree Training

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Re Hu Tek™ 1st Degree training is the foundation for the other Re Hu Tek levels. It brings key concepts, exercises, and techniques that are important to understand and experience before you move to the next level. While you may not choose to use every technique in the training, we ask that you try them. As you become more comfortable with the techniques, you will develop your own style and way of working with them.

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1st Degree In-Person Training

Experience the Re Hu Tek 1st Degree training in person with a Re Hu Tek Master Teacher. The training includes the Re Hu Tek 1st level attunement, one day of instruction including an audio/visual slide show and lectures, as well as lots of experiential exercises and techniques. You receive the 160+ page manual and all the video and audio media to assist in your further practice of the exercies and techniques of Re Hu Tek 1st Degree.

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