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Research with an Aura Camera


Allen RHT AURA with Sound

Aura Camera Photos

These aura camera photos were taken on May 1, 2001. We would like to thank Bell Star for allowing us to use her Aura Camera to take these photos and also Mike and Tulita for setting up and taking the pictures.
Aura camera
The pictures are a simulation of the aura based upon electrical signals received through sensor plates, upon which the hands are placed. Each senor plate has multiple segments for individual parts of the palms and fingers. Circuitry in the camera converts the signals into various frequencies and interprets these as colors which are then overlaid upon the image of the person which is then snapped as a polaroid photo.

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Resonant Field Imaging™(RFI™)

RFI Session
Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™) is a technology that gives detailed, scientific information and interpretations for auras and bioenergy fields. RFI™ reads and interprets the aura, brain energy field and chakras. We used the RFI™ technology to analyze the subject before and after a Re Hu Tek session to see changes in the auric field, chakras and brain energy.

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