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How is Re Hu Tek Different?

How is Re Hu Tek Different from other Universal Energy Modalities?

Universal energy is pliable and adaptable. Over time, and with enough repetition and use in directed ways, it will develop into a specific archetypal energy. Throughout history, people have applied their beliefs, intent, and techniques to universal energy in a wide variety of ways, a recipe of sorts, for practical uses according to the needs of their culture or society.

Thus, Reiki was developed for specific ways of using universal energy, chi gong for another, and so forth. Re Hu Tek was also developed over the eons according to a "recipe." Over the generations of use, these recipes are added to, adjusted, improved, and changed according to the needs of the times, the purpose of the energy use, and the people using them. Because of this, all uses of universal energy have their own strengths, origins, limitations, empowerments, and purposes. Re Hu Tek, is unique in that it did not originate on earth but was brought here to help raise the consciousness of earth and its inhabitants.

Re Hu Tek™ is not another Reiki lineage; it is a branch of a much older root energy brought to Earth around 10,000 years ago. We attune the initiates to the original Cosmic root energy and the Earth's core energy.

When the Re Hu Tek energy is passed on in an initiation (attunement process), the ability to "tune in" to the Re Hu Tek Cosmic and Earth energies is installed in the initiate, and energy pathways are "tuned" and refined for the flow of the energies through the body.

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