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Research with an Aura Camera - Page 2

 Anita was up next.


Anita nomal aura Here is a picture of Anita's normal aura. You may have noticed that the shape of the aura is the same as Allen's picture. This is because it is a template that shapes the aura. The hand sensors map the colored lights and their intensities to the appropriate area in the auric simulation.
Anita Accessing RHT aura

We had Anita access the Re Hu Tek and took a picture but there were just minor differences in the picture. This was early on in our experiments with the energy. She did not have the control that Allen had over the energy at the time. After all, Allen had be using the energy for much longer time. I'm sure if we were to do this experiment again she would show up very much different.


 Anita Sound Aura This picture is with Anita using Re Hu Tek with sound. As  you can see there is a big difference here. Notice the colors below the mouth.


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