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Research with an Aura Camera


Allen RHT AURA with Sound

Aura Camera Photos

These aura camera photos were taken on May 1, 2001. We would like to thank Bell Star for allowing us to use her Aura Camera to take these photos and also Mike and Tulita for setting up and taking the pictures.
Aura camera
The pictures are a simulation of the aura based upon electrical signals received through sensor plates, upon which the hands are placed. Each senor plate has multiple segments for individual parts of the palms and fingers. Circuitry in the camera converts the signals into various frequencies and interprets these as colors which are then overlaid upon the image of the person which is then snapped as a polaroid photo.

Our purpose was simply to see if there would be any changes in the colors when we applied Re Hu Tek through the hands on to the contact sensors of the aura camera, or if we used Re Hu Tek on another person who was connected to the camera sensors. We did not try to interpret the colors. We were just looking for any changes.

On a side note, Michael, the operator of the camera who had been to several shows with this camera told us a story. He said that there was man who came with his girlfriend to his booth to have his aura photographed. He was trying to impress his girlfriend on how he could change is aura. He took several pictures, but no change, try as he might.

Allen Normal Aura

Allen went first to see if the Re Hu Tek would make a difference in the aura photos when he just accessed the Re Hu Tek energy while his hands were on the sensors.

Here is his normal aura before accessing the Re Hu Tek energies.

Allen Accessing RHT Aura

Here Allen is accessing the Re Hu Tek energy while his hands are on the aura camera's sensors.

Allen low sound aura

Next we wanted to add sound. Here Allen tones a low pitched sound with his hands on the sensor plates.

As you can see it floods the hands and thus the sensor plates with energy that is reflected in the light patterns.

Allen high sound aura Here Allen is toning a high pitched sound. The colors continue to get more intense. Notice the point at the front of the crown and the area below the mouth. You almost can't see him because the light is so intense.


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