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Resonant Field Imaging™(RFI™)

RFI Session
Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™) is a technology that gives detailed, scientific information and interpretations for auras and bioenergy fields. RFI™ reads and interprets the aura, brain energy field and chakras. We used the RFI™ technology to analyze the subject before and after a Re Hu Tek session to see changes in the auric field, chakras and brain energy.

RFI™ detects and analyzes the subtle energy fields (aura). Its interpretation system is based on ten years of research and trials, not on psychic or intuitive readings.The images produced include physical level, psychological level, chakras, and brain energy images.

From this analysis, full color charts and a multi-page interpretation of the chart images are produced. Interpretations are for the chakras, the inner aura, and the outer auric layers as well as for the brain energy fields mapped from the aura.

Allen Burns using RFI meter on subject.RFI™ is the first Aura imaging technology which can create full color charts of a person's aura and brain bioenergies. 

RFI Body ImageRFI Analysis accurately identifies and interprets the colors of the bioenergy for a full, comprehensive interpretation of the state of being at the time of the analysis.

The RFI™ process is driven by an intricate system of calculations and formulas, not traditional psychic readings.

What you get with RFI™ is an accurate accounting of the ever-changing, living aura and bioenergy field.

*Note: This process is intended for research purposes only, and in no way is intended for medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing.

RFI Brain imageFor more extensive information visit the creators of this great technology at:

Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM)


Resonant Field Imaging™ and RFI™ are trademarks of Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM)

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