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What is Re Hu Tek™?

Re Hu Tek™ consists of two distinct, yet compatible, energies: Re Hu Tek cosmic and earth energies

  1. Cosmic energy coming into the crown chakra.
  2. Earth energy coming up from the Earth to enter the body through the feet and root chakras.

The origins of these energies are, from ancient tradition, thought to be the center of our Galaxy (Ra the Central Sun) and the core of the Earth (the Heart of Gaia).

The Cosmic energy works on the mental/upper astral realms (dimensions, bodies). The Earth energy works on the denser astral/etheric/physical nature.

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Its History

A brief history of Re Hu Tek

We compiled our information about the history of Re Hu Tek™ through research and through deep trance channelling Anita Channeling from Anita. Anita channels light beings, Johar and Simon who have been invaluable in helping us piece together the lineage of Re Hu Tek. They have also led us to research material that revealed the answers to many of our questions.

Re Hu Tek energy is ancient and came to Earth around 10,000 years ago to individuals who were spiritually aware enough to handle and use it. It was kept active through chosen people who would continue the lineage. Descendants (soul lineage descendants) of these original Re Hu Tek masters are now researching this early period of Re Hu Tek history. We are working on a book that will include this information.

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How is Re Hu Tek Different?

How is Re Hu Tek Different from other Universal Energy Modalities?

Universal energy is pliable and adaptable. Over time, and with enough repetition and use in directed ways, it will develop into a specific archetypal energy. Throughout history, people have applied their beliefs, intent, and techniques to universal energy in a wide variety of ways, a recipe of sorts, for practical uses according to the needs of their culture or society.

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The Originators

Allen Burns
Allen Burns
Allen has been on a spiritual path since he was a young man. He discovered his ability to use healing energies with sound after becoming involved with a charismatic spiritual group. When he left the group, Allen spent many years searching for answers to his unusual ability to use sound and energy for healing and balancing. His quest brought him to his wife, Anita. Together they spent many years finding the answers, which led them to the rediscovery and development of the Re Hu Tek™ energy system.

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