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Re Hu Tek Stories - Tomato Plant

Woman falls and breaks tomato plant, uses Re Hu Tek on plant. Plant produces more than all the others.


Re Hu Tek Stories - Little Bird


Cat brings in bird, bird gets loose in house for an hour, until she decides to try to communicate to the bird using Re Hu Tek.

Re Hu Tek Stories - Hand Slam, RHT Stops Pain


Woman slams fingers in door and uses Re Hu Tek to stop the pain, and no black and blue.

Re Hu Tek Stories - Finger Burns Healed Fast


Women burns fingers on hot pan and uses Re Hu Tek technique to speed healing.

Re Hu Tek Stories - Energy Action at a Distance?


Couple use a Re Hu Tek technique on dad at a distance and surprisingly he calls the next day.

Re Hu Tek Stories - Family Comfort


Story of how Re Hu Tek was used to comfort her family during a major operation on her son.

"Entities"- Manifesting with Thought Forms

How one family uses Re Hu Tek and thought forms (called "entities" in the video) to manifest more business to their website.


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